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Mongolia | Eagle Hunters 4K

Mongolia | Eagle Hunters 4K

On my most recent trip I had the opportunity to travel to the vast landscapes and sprawling mountains in the beautiful country of Mongolia. I was invited to film eagle hunters in the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia to capture the beauty of this local tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. Eagle hunting is done in the winter months and the temperatures we experienced ranged from -23 to -48 degrees celsius. Challenges arose causing my gear to freeze all 5 days we were hunting in the mountains. This experience is a specific tour organized by Blue Wolf Travel, which includes 8 days in Western Mongolia living and hunting with the local eagle hunters. If you would like to book a similar experience or see what other tours they offer visit their website: Produced by: Austen Paul Footage captured by: Austen Paul Instagram: Website: Facebook: My Music Source: Artlist - Freedom Products I use: Editing: My Computer: My Hard drives: Headphones: Cameras: Ursa Pro G2 - Canon 1DX Mark II - Memory Cards - Lighting: Aputure 300d II - Light Dome II - Lantern - Small Light - Lenses: Wide - Macro - Prime - Wider Prime - Polarizer - Spinning Product Table - Reflective Surface - Slider - Backdrops -
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